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Aluminium slag processing machine know-how

Aluminium slag processing machine know-how

Aluminum dross processing machine know-how

Aluminum melting principle

1.Aluminum melting point is 660℃ light alloy.   When the temperature of aluminum gets more than 660℃, all aluminum will become liquid aluminum and can be separated from the dross and slag.


 2. Working principle: the dross processor is designed on the basis of the difference of physical property and specific gravity between the solid materials and liquid materials.

3. Advantages

* Separating aluminum from the dross by one time

* High recovery rate from the dross (90%)
 * Short working time (10-15 minutes per run)
 * No need any fuel in the processing
 * No pollution and environmental friendly
 * Low energy consumption
 * Mechanical stirring, stirring fully, improve working efficiency
 * Good separating result, improve aluminum metal recovery rate
 * Adopting whirlwind dust elimination and water spraying dust elimination, the purification of exhaust gas is good, no pollution
 * Simple operation and easy maintenance
 * No need any fuel, make full use of the heat energy in the hot aluminum dross
 * low processing cost
 * Competitive price and the rate of return of investment are good.

4.    Equipment and machines

Aluminum dross processing machine, stirrer, heatproof pot, lifting system and dust collector

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