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How to recover aluminium metal from the aluminum dross

How to recover aluminium metal from the aluminum dross

How to recovery the aluminium metal from the dross


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In general, aluminum dross processing machine will be used for the dross processing. The hot aluminum dross that skimmed from the melting furnace will be sent to aluminium dross processing machine; hot aluminum dross processing machine will recover some aluminum metal from the dross.  After the dross cooling process, cold aluminum dross processing machine can be used for the cold dross for the recovery. After that, Aluminum metal can be recovered from the aluminum dross completely.


Aluminum dross processing machine using can reduce the workers working strength, improve the recovery rate of aluminum metal, and protect the environment, so it is favorite choice by recycled aluminum industry.


Because recycled aluminum industry use aluminum scraps as the raw materials, so it is unavoidable to have the iron and impurities in the materials. If no processing for this, the iron content will be increased in the alloy, which will lower the liquid aluminum quality.  Also the iron in the aluminum dross will effect the aluminum dross processing and make the stirrer stuck in the processing. The suggestion is aluminum dross magnetic separator can be used to remove the iron before aluminum dross processing, which can guarantee the safe operation of aluminum dross processing machine, but also solve the high iron content problem.



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How to recover aluminium metal from the aluminum dross