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solar alumiminium profiles sand blasting machine

solar alumiminium profiles sand blasting machine

Solar Aluminium profiles sand blasting machine


Features of solar aluminium profiles and blasting machine 

*Steady structure

 *Finish aluminium die line, surface corrosion layer, bur at one time

*Process four sides of aluminum profiles surface only one time. 

*High efficiency

*High quality

*Less noise

*low cost maintenance

*Simple and convenient operation


Technical parameter of solar aluminium profiles and blasting machine

Spraying speed(frequency control): 1600-2500r/min

Feeding speed(frequency control0:4-10m/min

Power: 60kw

Valid spraying area: W 850mmxH 240mm

Produciton capacity: 20-30 tons/day

Electriciy consumption: 25 kilowatt/ton

Compressed air:  P=0.5-0.6mpa

Overall size of machine: 4200mmX1250mmX1840mm

The size for the production line


Total weight: 10,800kgs.


Main parts of solar aluminium profiles and blasting machine: machine, sand blasting room set, advanced dust collector, feeding device

Blasting materials: Glass

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