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Aluminium melting machine

Aluminium melting machine

Aluminium melting machine, aluminum smelting equipment from Brightstar Aluminum Machinery 


Aluminium melting machine name

Aluminium melting machine, aluminium smelting machine, aluminium melting equipment, melting machine of aluminium, melting machine for aluminium


Aluminium melting machine burner technical parameter

The fuel burner, including the igniter burner and the main fuel burner, which is consist of mixer, fuel pipe, cooling pipe, burner tip and other components. It is mainly used to provide a burning channel of the fuel. It is also equipped with the automatic ignite and fire monitor system to keep the fuel burner run safely.  In order to keep the fuel burner from damaging because of long time under the atmosphere of high temperature, the fuel burner should inject the cooled air to protect it. The igniter burner is used to ignite the fuel burner, so to solve the problem of inverting flameout of the main fuel burner.

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