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Aluminium polishing press

Aluminium polishing press

 Aluminum polishing press


Aluminum polishing press function

Mechanical polishing to removal of the die line to get the bright silver or bright gold, mirror surface



Aluminum polishing press technical data


 *Total rail length: 13000mm

*Polishing wheel motor: 18.5kw   2 sets

*Polishing speed 3-15m/min.

*A set of dust collecting device is attached (power 7.5kw, blowing rate 12000m3/h)

*Driving motor: 1.5kw, variable frequency speed control, electromagnetic braking

*Total power: 46.37kw
*Lifting motor: 0.37kw

Main electric parts are from Japan Mitsubishi (frequency converter, contactor, thermal relay)




Aluminum polishing press main constitution:

Main body, movable worktable, rail, dust collector, switch box 


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Aluminum polishing press