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Aluminum melting furnace

Aluminum melting furnace


Aluminum melting furnace,aluminum melting furnace suppliers and aluminum melting furnace manufactuers


Aluminum Melting furnace introduction

Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd  take the air preheater regenerative burner technology that is widely used in the fields for aluminum melting furnace, preheating the air temperature to reach more than 800℃, exhaust gas temperature below 150 ℃,  achieving the highly thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, low CO2/NOx emission. This technology is successful and reliable, safe and stable operation, easy and convenient maintenance. In addition, this air preheater regenerative melting furnace compare with the non regenerative melting furnace, there is 30% energy saving effect.


 Aluminum Melting Furnace Description 

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Aluminum Melting furnace technical data

1) the use of furnace: melting and heat preservation of the aluminum profile.
2).The furnace is wrapped by armor plate and profiled bar.
3) Melting pool adopt the first-degree aluminum brick
the outer adopt lightweight heat preservation brick.
4).the loading
10-100 tons/furnace(aluminum water)
5).the out size of furnace: length×width×height=5000×4050×6200
the structure form is tilted furnace door vault and square furnace.
heavy oil, gas and LPG
burning capacity300kg/hmax

burning consumption
melting rate3~4t/h

the air warm-up temperature1100

eliminate mist temperature:﹤200

burning type
one coupe muzzle burning by turns.
control typePLCautomatic or manual
15the furnace side temperatureroom temperature+45


Aluminum melting furnace features

* Improve melting rate

* Pre-treatment of metal

* Reduce the dross in the machine

* Less maintenance

* Reasonable price

* High cost performance

* Long life

* Less time need to achive alloy composition


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Aluminium melting furnace,aluminium melting furnace suppliers, aluminium melting furnace manufacturers