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Electromagnetic induction heating furnace for the moulds

Electromagnetic induction heating furnace for the moulds

Electromagnetic induction heating furnace

Electromagnetic induction heating furnace introduction

This machine is special equipment using electromagnetic heating principle for the mould heating of aluminum profiles factory, which takes place the traditional resistance heating way.  It is the ideal high efficiency and energy saving heating product. As the competition is getting tougher and tougher for all industry, all products are in reasonable profit margin period. In the production process, the electricity shares a large proportion of product cost, especially the electricity supply is not enough in recent years, the increase of electricity cost bring up negative influence for the manufacturing industry.  Energy saving, low carbon and emission and consumption reduction has became the national regulatory policy, and also it is the social and company focus of common concern


Electromagnetic induction heating furnace name

Die heating furnace, mould heating furnace, induction heating furnace, electromagnetic induction, heating surface treatment oven, die heating oven, mould heating oven, mold heating furnace, aluminum mould heating furnace.


Technical parameters of electromagnetic induction heating furnace

a)      Environment temperature:  Below 85 ℃ 

b)      Supply power: 3 phase 380V±10%,Frequency:50~60HZ

c)       Output power:10~80KW。

d)      Mould size:Diameter 160-240MM。Thickness:within 160MM。


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