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Aluminium profile puller

Aluminium profile puller

 Aluminium profile puller


Aluminium profile puller description

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Aluminum profiles puller  

According to technical requirement, aluminium profile puller can be synchronized with the speed of aluminum extrusion speed of the extrusion machine through the reliable electrical control system.  Flying saw can get extrusion mark precisely according to program instruction and cut the aluminum profiles quickly, the aluminum chip that cut will be collected by recycling system.


Aluminium profile puller main parts

Track rails, clamp, sliding wire, cutting saw or flying saw, DC speeder etc.

Aluminium profile puller technical parameter

Pulling power (adjustable): 50-400kgs

 Pulling speed: same speed with the extrusion speed based on pulling force

 Back speed: 0-300m/min

Max clamping size: 350X250mm

Effective stroke: matching with the run-out table

Power: adopting 24 direct current motor or converter motor

Electrical appliance: PLC control


Aluminium profile puller features

*Easy for the maintenance

*Less noise

*Good performance

*Good adaptability. Can meet any kind of machine less than 3000MT

*Run smoothly.

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