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Aluminium die heating furnace

Aluminium die heating furnace

Aluminum die heating furnace


Aluminum die heating furnace, mould heating furnace introduction

Aluminum die heating furnace is suitable for aluminum extrusion machine to heat the die and moulds before the extrusion process.  Die heating furnace, mould heating furnace. Aluminum die heating furnace, aluminum die heating oven


Aluminum die heating furnace Application

Suitable for extrusion die and extrusion mould in the extrusion process


Aluminum die heating furnace technical parameter

Mould size: Can be applied for ∮70mm-∮300mm aluminum log mould

Heating: Electricity

Power: 148-240KW

Water cool circulation

Pneumatic open cover


Aluminum die heating furnace feature

*PID automatic temperature control

*Independent heating for different chamber

*Decrease energy consumption

*Extend mould using life

*Assure the products forming quality


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