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1250MT Aluminum extrusion press

1250MT Aluminum extrusion press

 1250MT aluminium extrusion press 


Aluminum extrusion press introduction


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Aluminum extrusion machine is of beautiful appearance, high automatism, rational structure, and easy of operation, with each
procedure automatically controlled and realized by hydraulic system and PLC computer control system along with three movements of click moving,move in succession and automation, as well as quick stop, suspension in the unexpected situation, good safe performance, fast speed and steady movements; master cylinder’s board and spindle holder are positioned by four points, which stabilizes the center positioning of master cylinder with

forward and backward movement,guaranteeing products’ quality; the employment of the most optimized hydraulic pressure and circuit series makes movement fast in vacant situation, and steady while extruding,and shortens the time not extruding. Material cutter is equipped with a pushing device, the one that will remove the remains stick on the razor blade; and material cutter is sturdily assembled, no shaking occurs while cutting, which will therefore reduce the thickness after press, and lower extruding cost, save energy, and high up production efficiency

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1250MT aluminium extrusion press