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Regenerative aluminium melting furnace

Regenerative aluminium melting furnace

Regenerative aluminium melting furnace,aluminium melting furnace suppliers and aluminium melting furnace manufacturers from Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd



Regenerative aluminum melting furnace introduction

Regenerative aluminium melting furnace, aluminium melting furnace with regenerative burner


Regenerative aluminium melting furnace feature

High efficiency, energy saving and friendly-environment.


Regenerative aluminium melting furnace part

Regenerative burning system including: air regenerative burner (including hot accumulator), air/gas reversing device, gas system, the air system, exhausting system, compressed air system and control system(see detailed description of the procedure) ETC.


Regenerative Aluminium melting furnace descrpation and offer range

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Regenerative burner advantages 

High efficiency, energy saving regenerative burner is single preheater regenerative burner, which can burn brightly to maximum save the fuel. The regenerator uses ceramic balls, with self-cleaning, anti-dust, anti-slag, small resistance, easy remove for the cleaning, repeating using, and high regenerating efficiency ETC features. Each regenerative burner is equipped with a small on-duty burner (it is pilot burner), that is for restarting of low temperature big burner to keep the normal operation of the system; flame safety protection system consists of electronic ignition, flame detection and UV Flame controllers and other components.


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