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Aluminium dross recovery system

Aluminium dross recovery system

Aluminium dross recovery system

4 in 1 aluminium dross processing system

Aluminium dross machine process hot dross generated from melting furnace and holding furnace,Aluminium dross processing system, ball mill sieving aluminium dross cooling machine main function is to cool the hot dross generated from rotary furnace or dross processing machine through water spraying, break up, ball mill grind and crush, separate in different grades, so that it can get improving aluminium recovery rate purpose.

Our company make the improvement and innovation for the dross processing and cooling system based on the customers’ feedback and consideration of equipment own features.


Dross processing, cooling/breaking up, ball mill grinding, sieving and separating, four processes in one;  Aluminium dross will be sent to dross cooling machine directly, no need any transit;Consideration for both fine and coarse dross separating; Aluminium dross cooling barrel is water spraying cooling.

Turnkey project and one package deal.  Total solutions for your dross processing.


4 in 1 aluminium dross recovery system from Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd