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Automatic molten aluminium refining and degassing machine

Automatic molten aluminium refining and degassing machine

Automatic molten aluminium refining machine

Molten aluminium degassing machine

Molten aluminium flux feeder


Automatic molten aluminium refining machine can be used for wrought aluminum and aluminum alloy refining through the auxiliary materials will be fed into molten aluminum evenly by frequency conversion and refining gas, which can remove the oxide inclusions and hydrogen effectively from the melting.  Stainless steel container can be loaded with 20kgs refining agent. Evenly exhausting can improve aluminum log quality and working efficiency.



Molten aluminium refining machine technical data

Main machine Mobile dolly and spindle structure 

Control system(Nitrogen transfer and control, electronic control and alarm system)

Other (wearing parts)

Seal ring

Refining agent powder tube

Environmental requirement

Flat and smooth ground and enough space

Not too much air humidity


Storage: -10-70 

Operation: -10-45
Relative Humidity 5-95% non-condensing, no freezing or no dripping

Overall dimension: L700mm W400mm H900mm

Speed regulating: frequency converter

Main tank: 304 stainless steel main tank

Capacity: 20kgs



Suitable for the wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy degassing and refining, can effectively remove oxide inclusion and hydrogen from the molten aluminum.


1 The refining time will extend along with the increasing of molten aluminium

2 Control the powder refining agent feeding speed by turning on the switch of refining machine bottom. The principle is the powder refining agent can be fed during the refining time

3 it is good for the refining tube insert into molten aluminum in depth 2/3. Move back and forth, no touch the furnace wall and furnace bottom to avoid the tube chocking

4 Control the billow height of molten aluminum by controlling the nitrogen pressure. The principle is the billowing height will be smaller as well and it is better to controlled under 15mm based on no tube chocking.

Molten aluminium refining machine is easy to use. Adopting adjustable speed motor for the controlling, convenient for the adjustment and operation.

Molten aluminium refining machine is widely used, can be used for different production capacity melting furnace.



Molten aluminium refining and degassing and filtering machine and equipment, technology from Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd


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