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Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace

Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace

Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace


Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace

Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace is one kind of necessary tool in the aluminum dross processing of recycled aluminum industry, which is one important part that reflects operation cost and profile of recycled aluminum recycling.  Our machine is specialized in processing hot dross skimmed from melting furnace. Through rotating and stirring, added blending agent and setting, then we can get pure aluminum liquid for aluminum ingot.


The process of aluminum dross in the rotary furnace is inside heating, it means that we use the high temperature coming from aluminum dross self-ignition (during the high temperature period of self-ignition, waiting for the heating between the stirring of high temperature aluminum dross and ash), so that can improve the melting speed of aluminum and aluminum liquid temperature, reduce aluminum viscosity, easy for the separating aluminum liquid and aluminum ash. In order to prevent the explosion of aluminum slag because the melting temperature is too high, burning speed too fast, the industrial salt (cooling dross or small cast aluminum that can not be selected can be used based on the engineers’ many years experience, which can reduce the operation cost) can be added in the operation to reduce burning speed and to avoid the splashing of burning slag.


Our company 5 Tons rotary furnace can reduce aluminum content in the aluminum dross from 40-60% to 15-17%, high aluminum recovery rate (about 80%). The dusts generated in the production process get controlled, not only reduce the working strength, but also improve the dross processing environmental pollution.


Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace technical parameter

1 Rotary furnace dross capacity and rotating speed

4.5 tons-5 tons aluminum dross can be done for 5 tons rotary furnace each time (in of them, hot aluminum dross is about 3.5T- 4 T, the rest is cool dross) ,Rotating speed: 1.5-2 R/Min


2 Processing time of rotary furnace

It will take 2- 4 hours to finish the processing. The time will be different from the proportion of cool dross and hot dross.


3 Rotary furnace recovery rate ≥80﹪( the aluminum content in the hot aluminum dross is about 40-60%)

4 installed capacity 18.5Kw


Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace operation musts

1 Must check the refueling of rotary furnace supporting rollers often, equipped with oil pump for the machine, press “pump on” button in the control cabinet, the refueling pump can refuel at the time setting. If the refueling pump is damaged, change it to manual refuel, the refueling time interval is no more than one week.


2 must check often the chain of rotary furnace main motor and foot bolts loose or not? If loose, should tight them immediately.


3 must check upper and lower limit wheels of rotary furnace often, should turn with the rotary furnace rotation. If not, replace them immediately.


Tilting aluminium dross rotary furnace description

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For the dross processing machine and technology, please feel free to contact us for more information and we can offer the complete system for the aluminium dross processing, aluminium dross cooling and aluminium dross recycling. Contact us now and save the money and profit from the dross.



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