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Aluminium dross processing top 8 questions and answers

Aluminium dross processing top 8 questions and answers

Aluminium dross processing top 8 questions and answers


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1. Question


What is aluminum dross?




Aluminum dross is a waste product produced when refining aluminum. It consists of metal, salts oxides, and other non metallic substances. Dross is classified as either black or white dross. Black (or dry) dross has lower metal content and higher amounts of oxides and salts. It tends to be in granular, like sand. White (or wet) dross has an extremely high metal content and smaller amount of oxides and salts. It tends to form into large clumps or blocks.


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What is aluminum dross? and the usage of it?

i am not familiar of this , I want to know about it?




Dross is a mass of solid impurities floating on a molten metal. It appears usually on the melting of low-melting-point metals or alloys such as tin, lead, zinc or aluminium, or by oxidation of the metal(s). It can also consist of impurities such as paint leftovers. It can easily be skimmed off the surface before pouring the metal into a mold or casting flask.

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How to recovery aluminum from the dross?




You can check the aluminum dross processing machine in and hope it can help you. We bought the machine from this company and the recovery rate is good compare to our old machine.

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 What is aluminium dross?




 Aluminium dross is a mass of solid impurities floating on a molten metal. As aluminium metal melting point is 660℃, which is low-melting-point, so it will be formed on the surface in aluminum melting or alloys by oxidation of the aluminum.


5        Question


How do you melt aluminum dross?




 You can use the dross processing machine to recovery aluminum from aluminum dross, or you can melt aluminum dross by our aluminum dross melting furnace. Our suggestion is you had better process aluminum dross the melting


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 How to recover aluminum from hot aluminum dross?




 Aluminum dross processing machine can make it easily. High efficiency and high recovery rate. No need any fuel and no harmful to the operator's health. Brightstar Aluminum Machinery offers the complete aluminum dross recovery system. We used this machine in the past and the aluminum recovery result is satisfied.

If they can set the temperature detector in the pot and can display the temperature in the screen, that will be great helpful.


 7. Question


What's aluminum dross processing machine?



Aluminum Dross Processing Machine is a machine that adopts advanced foreign
technology, which is mainly used to separate the aluminum form the Aluminum


8. Question  

Aluminum recovery from Aluminum dross?



i have been recently studying the production of aluminum from aluminum dross (recycling of aluminum) .

this chemical equations represents the hydrolization of sodium aluminate to obtain aluminum hydroxide :

Na2Al2O4 + 4H2O -----------> 2Al(OH)3 + 2NaOH

after that the next step is to produce Al2O3

the next step to obtain Aluminum is to pass a current through the solution (electrolysis)

this is the part that i don't get .... how could we electrolyze Aluminium oxide to produce aluminum if we are recycling aluminum ... i mean electrolysis consumes most of the energy and is very expensive .... so how do electrolysis be used in the recycling industry...





Because aluminium is usually used as an alloy, it has to be treated and extracted from the scrap first. This is done by putting it through the same process as extracting the metal from bauxite, which is extraction of pure aluminium oxide and electrolysing it to get the metal.

I agree that electrolysis of aluminium oxide costs a lot. However, the efficiency of the recycling is higher, since the aluminium is relatively pure (bauxite is not), and it prevents perfectly usable aluminium being consigned to the scrap heap (preventing landfill at the same time).


Aluminium dross processing top 8 questions and answers