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Aluminum profile powder coated production line

Aluminum profile powder coated production line

Aluminum Profile powder coated production line


Aluminum profile powder coated production line introduction

Design the line according to your area and your request. Configuration characteristic of equipment Automatic Powder coating line for aluminum profile: powder coating line is comprised with crane system for the pretreatment, drying oven, electrostatic spray and recycles powder system, auto spray guns, curing oven, conveyor (track and chain) and the control panel.


Aluminum powder coated production line main composition

 Pretreatment, water drying oven, powder curing oven, gas direct heat exchange, suspension conveyor machine, electric control system, powder room, powder spraying equipment and so on made up of the whole production line.


Aluminum profile powder coated production line design principle

Our requirement of coating product quality is: strict compliant with ISO9000 quality management system, quality first, credit first .we have many years practice experience of turn-key coating field ,which from designing ,processing, auxiliary equipment ,installing ,commissioning ,and have finished more than hundreds of project. So many years effort made us won customers trust and support, and meanwhile we boast a lot of excellent experienced personnel of design, manufacturing, installation.


main techniques parameter of equipment is proposed by our company, and then confirmed by the buyer, Installation and commissioning are the key to the whole coating line, we have a lot of experienced field installation personnel, taking tight control of every tiny step ranging from conveyor chain, pretreatment, spraying room, to curing equipment, it assure our equipment meet the design requirement.


Aluminum profile powder coated production line technical parameter and data

 1. Maximum combination work piece size:(L)6000×(W)500×(H)1500mm

 2. Material of work piece: aluminum profiles

 3. Conveyor speed: 1.5m/min (adjustable as per the thickness and material)

 4. Heating medium: home gas (LPG)

5.Chain: single point100kg

6. Maximum temperature in the curing oven

7.Workshop: as layout 60m*20m*5m

8. Conveyor: single point loading capacity ≤100Kg

9. The output: 8000kg/8hours.

10. Operation condition:

1) Electric: Power:  AC 380V 50Hz 3Φ

2) Calorific value of LPG : automatic spray 1.drying oven curing tunnel: (L)36000mm×(W)1200mm×(H)3200mm .


electrostatic spray and recycle powder system with the powder recovery system)auto spray gun:6 sets

(4)  Manual spray gun: 2 sets 

(5)  closed-cycle system (vibrating unit) 1 set (6) reciprocator: 2 sets  


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