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Aluminum polishing machine

Aluminum polishing machine

 Aluminum polishing machine, aluminum profile polishing machine, aluminum extrusion polishing machine from Brightstar Aluminum Machinery Co., Ltd


Aluminum profile polishing machine

luminum polishing machine definition and description

Aluminum polishing machine is one kind of machine for the surface treatment of aluminum profiles. There are always die line, scratch, marks on the surface of aluminum extrusion profiles after the extrusion in the aluminum extrusion factory, which affects the surface quality and market competition of aluminum profiles. Aluminum polishing machine can solve this problem effectively. The surface of aluminum profiles will be as the mirror after the mechanical polishing. Such as three (two) acid polished profile, electrolytic polished profile, polished and oxidized bright profile, polished and electrophoresis profile as well as polished and nickel plated profile, All require mechanical polishing treatment on the surface for the purpose of removing such surface defects as naturally oxidized film, extruded lines etc. to get a bright mirror effect on the surface of aluminum profile. The aluminum profile will be soft color, high grade and elegant appearance after mechanical polishing treatment and various chemical treatments, which is the trend of development of aluminum profile application.


Aluminum polishing machine function

Aluminum polishing machine for mechanical polishing to remove the die line,extruded line and other defects.


Check aluminium profile polishing machine operation video now!


Aluminum polishing machine features and advantages

*Low cost

 *Less maintenance

*Good polishing effect

*Easy and stable operation

*Automatic, less labor

*High value added machine for aluminum profiles, The equipment is highly evaluated by aluminum profile manufacturers after many years using. The main technical data has enjoyed the same level with overseas equipment, and the effect of surface polishing fully meets the requirements for exported products.


Aluminum polishing machine name

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Aluminum polishing machine working principle

The worktable drives work pieces to have reciprocating linear running; make the work pieces polished through the rotation of the motor drives the polishing wheel ; polishing wax or agent is used on the surface of the cloth wheel as a polishing media.



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