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How to reduce aluminium dross? how to reduce aluminium loss in the melting?

How to reduce aluminium dross? how to reduce aluminium loss in the melting?

How to reduce aluminium dross? The methods that reduce aluminium dross in the production



How to reduce aluminium loss in the melting

There are many methods for the aluminium dross recycling; also how to reduce the aluminum dross in the production is a direct method to save the aluminum loss. At the same time, it can save the energy for the coming dross recycling; it is the most direct one of the methods to save the energy.


The main reason of aluminium dross formation is reaction result between high temperature liquid aluminum and air in aluminium melting and molten aluminum conveying processes.  In the formation, the conveying and stirring etc external mechanical force will promote the reaction, so dross generation intensified in this process. 


We can make the following measures to reduce aluminium dross generation


 1 Reasonable furnace physical dimension and charging sequence

The design and production of most melting and casting workshops is adopting fixed melting furnace. In the melting and casting process, the aluminium water will be from one level to another level in Garret type layout, so molten aluminium surface oxide layer will break in the aluminium water discharging, it will cause considerable quantity aluminium dross. In addition, at the improper furnace door, there will be caused aluminium loss, the aluminum dross is formed. 

Aluminum dross formation can be occurred in the alloying and furnace cleaning.


2 Control the reasonable melting temperature; shorten molten aluminum conveying and melting time.

The conveying and melting time extending means the contact time extending between liquid aluminum and air.  That means it extend the reaction time between molten aluminum and air.  The higher temperature is, the longer melting time is, the more aluminium loss will be. Only if limit the contact between molten aluminium and air, or cool down the surface aluminium dross temperature rapidly, otherwise, it can make the continuous reaction.

Control melting temperature and shorten molten aluminum conveying and melting time, which can reduce aluminum loss.

Al+O2→Al2O3    Al+H2O→Al2O3+H2


For the melting degassing and refining, you can check molten aluminium degassing and refining machine.


3 Choose the proper operation

Try to keep the molten aluminium surface oxide film not be damaged in the stirring, cover the molten aluminium timely. The stirring causes the oxidation and thermite reaction, thermite reaction is the important reason for the aluminium loss.


It is impossible to completely avoid aluminum dross in the production, and Aluminum dross product is not entirely waste material, which can be recycled or can be used in secondary steelmaking for slag deoxidation.  You can try  aluminium dross processing machine to separate aluminum from aluminum dross.


How to reduce aluminium dross? How to reduce aluminum loss in the melting? How to reduce aluminum slag

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