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molten metal transfer ladle

molten metal transfer ladle

Molten metal transfer ladle

Molten aluminium transfer ladle

Molten aluminum transfer ladles


The safety of molten metal transfer ladle is very important. This transfer ladle machine is made according to machinery industry standard JB5550-91 ladle technical specification. Our company has excellent technology and rich experience in the machine, which can guarantee the best quality for the molten aluminum transfer ladle.

Transferring molten metal is a procedure of prime concern in melting, refining and casting workshops. Lip pouring from ladles results in cascading metal and leads to dross formation. Transferring metal long distances need to be considered the temperature losses. Brightstar aluminum machinery, offers a better solution and variety for the customers in the molten metal transfer ladle.


Molten metal transfer ladle application

Suitable for molten metal transfer ladle from melting factory to the casting factory, for the molten aluminum transfer, can be refined and degassing process in it.


Molten metal transfer ladle part

Molten aluminium transfer ladle is made up by ladle shell, ladle liner, ladle arm (or forklift base) and ladle cover (optional)


Tailor-made molten metal transfer ladle

Transfer ladle cover (no, fixed or moveable), transfer ladle lip( tea pot or duckbill), transfer ladle lip number(single or double), insulation layer( no, single or double), transfer ladle capacity(150-10000kgs),transfer ladle transfer way( crane or forklift or both), ladle tilting( manual, motor or forklift)


Molten metal transfer ladle type

It can be suspended type molten metal transfer ladle, forklift type molten metal transfer ladle, Suspended type and forklift type molten metal transfer ladle, tea-pot type molten metal transfer ladle


Molten metal transfer ladle features

Good heat-insulating property, slight natural temperature dropping. Equipped with thicker insulating layer. The outside insulating layer is adopting light heat insulation castable or nanometer fiber materials, good for the heat preservation.

Good non-stick aluminium property. The liner use America Allied Minerals or UK Morgan aluminum transfer ladle special refractory castable for the whole casting. Week soakage with molten aluminium and resistant to corrosion

Resistance for the hot and cold shock.  High strength special inner layer liner, can be resistant for the frequency hot and cold alternating shock, anti-stripping

Sturdy ladle shell.  The ladle shell is made according to transfer ladle technical specification, welded for bottom hoop, waist hoop, upper edge hoop and weld reinforcement, which can not only extent the using life, but also guarantee the safety

Long using life. Professional design and make, good materials, keep the machine for long using life


Brightstar Aluminum Machinery, offer molten metal tranfer ladles solution and variety for the custoemrs.


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