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Aluminium chips and turnings melting furnace

Aluminium chips and turnings melting furnace

Aluminium chips melting furnace with side well stirring melting

Aim at the difficulty in aluminum chips recycling and melting, easy burn loss and floating on the liquid surface, not go down for the melting, we develop new aluminum chips double chamber melting furnace.   Liquid aluminum pump will be set up in the outside, which will pump out molten aluminium from reverberatory furnace and send them to melting chamber; the melting liquid will flow into reverberatory furnace for theheating.

Aluminum chips will be conveyed and dry in the pipe, throw into feeding room. The aluminum chips will be melting through special flow channel design (side well model), a whirlpool will be formed in the side well, aluminum chips will be drawn into aluminium liquid by whirlpool.  The chips will be melting very fast in high temperature liquid aluminium and be molten in aluminum liquid.  More than 95%.

Side well aluminium chips melting furnace is most popular aluminum chips melting equipment in the world, also the new technology for aluminum chips melting. It is widely used for aluminum chips, UBC, aluminium turnings factory and aluminum chips and scrap recycling industry.